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Game 3 Open Thread - White Sox vs. Royals Finale

Bring out the Roomba; it's time for a sweep.

Orlando makes his MLB debut today
Orlando makes his MLB debut today
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

It's game three and the Kansas City Royals already are in position for a sweep.  I, personally, quite enjoy this weird turn of events.

I say weird because it really is quite odd.  The Royals haven't won on opening day since 2008, so they haven't even been in the position to sweep the first series in a long time.  Weird also because this year certainly feels different.  Maybe it's because the relatively near proximity of the October games is still impacting this team and its aura, but I feel, well, positive about this team.  I have faith they can come back or close out a victory because they have done crazier feats on the biggest stage.

Either way, I am pleased to announce that the Kansas City Royals still retain their mastery of high comedy.  The Royals sent out this Tweet this morning:

Then, one hour later, they Tweeted the lineup:

Yes, the Alex Gordon fanclub will be cheering on Paulo Orlando in his MLB debut.  I cannot tell you how much amusement I derive from this situation.

Anyway, newcomer Edinson Volquez will take the mound.  Volquez, as you may recall, had the best season of his career last year with Pittsburgh and secured a two year, $20 million contract with Kansas City this offseason.  So far, Rios and Morales look perfectly fine.  The pressure is on Volquez today as the Royals seek to sweep the White Sox in their opening series.