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Mike Moustakas, Wade Davis named Royals Player, Pitcher of the Month

April domination.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Moustakas has been named Royals Player of the Month for April, after hitting .356/.420/.520 with 3 home runs and 19 runs scored for the month. His 1.5 fWAR is second most in the league behind a guy named Mike Trout. His .942 OPS is the best he has hit in a month since he hit .352/.380/.580 in September of 2011. Moose has never won the Royals Player of the Month award before.

Wade Davis was named Royals Pitcher of the Month for April, after tossing nine scoreless innings, allowing just one walk and two hits. Davis struck out 10 of the 30 batters he faced in April. Its the fourth time Davis has had a scoreless month - he did not allow a run in May, July, or August of last season. Davis is tied for fifth among American League relievers with 0.4 fWAR.