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Happy Mother's Day

Call your mother, she is worried about you!

Parenting is hard. I'm not sure we grasp just how hard it is until we have another living being depending on us to NOT DIE. Parenting of course, is about more than just feeding and clothing children, its about shaping them into respectable people, into adult men and women you can be proud of.

I wrote a bit about my mom a few years ago on Mother's Day. Last year we had a big 60th birthday for my mother. She enjoyed it but she sheepishly admitted she wasn't worthy of the praise because she didn't feel like she knew what she was doing as a mother.

But of course she was, because none of us know what we're doing as parents. We're all just trying to do our best, hoping that one cross word when we lost our temper doesn't turn push our kid into therapy as an adult. I think all kids want to know is that you're trying to be a good parent. As parents, we all make mistakes, we all make decisions - good and bad. As kids, all we want is to know is that mom will be there for us when we fall down, that mom will still love us when we mess up.

Happy Mother's Day. And call her! She's worried you're not eating enough!

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