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Royals Review Radio: Episode Five

The "Kevins Take Over" Episode.

All good things must come to an end. That's an inaccurate statement because even mediocre and bad things come to an end as well, but I guess their end isn't as sad or heralded. Now, the podcast itself isn't coming to an end, but the original host, your overlord Max Rieper, will be stepping away for the time being. This doesn't mean Max is coming to an end, but just his time as host.

Going forward, myself (Shaun) and RR editor Matthew LaMar will be hosting the podcast.

In our inaugural hosting run we discuss several topics, and others not mentioned, such as followed:

Jeremy Guthrie and his perhaps soon to be vacant spot in the rotation

Chris Young, his perhaps non-normal height, and deception

Bubba Starling hitting the baseball

The volatility of the Royals rotation

The impending doom that is 2018

Classical music and a trivia contest

As far as we can tell, iTunes hasn't kicked us off yet for any violations of their terms of service so for at least the time being you can listen/subscribe to us there.


Intro: Converge - Aimless Arrow

Outro: Converge - Sadness Comes Home