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Royals Keep Scoring More Runs Than Necessary, Keep Winning


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Like the heartiest battle of the Civil War, the Yankees were defeated heavily in a 12-1 route. Chris Young was tall, and good Chris Young, and perhaps solidified a spot in the Royals rotation.

On the offensive side of the ball, no dongs we hung, but instead the royals singled and doubled the Yankees to death. Michael Pineda (arguably the best pitcher in New York if you believe Twitter) was hit for 5 runs on 10 hits over 5.1 innings. Most impressively he only struck out one batter despite his season 10 K/9 he has so far. The Oppo Poppo, Mike Moustakas, collected four hits and fell just a long dong shy of the cycle.

Also, Aaron, son of Aarathorn, Brooks made his first appearance since May of 2014, clinching down the win for the home team.

Huzzah for the team from Kansas City, huzzah for the fans, and huzzah to a game well won.

Source: FanGraphs