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Off-day OT: Watching other baseball

Baseball catch-all

Welcome to the dong show.
Welcome to the dong show.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Just because the Royals aren't playing doesn't mean that you won't watch other games. Talk about them here.

You could watch the rival Detroit Tigers play host to the lowly Brewers. The Diamondback visit Miami where Giancarlo Stanton seems to be one-upping his herculean feats of strength on a nightly basis. The owners of the best record in the American League, the Houston Astros, will send Lance McCullers--who they just promoted straight from The Body of Christ in the Texas League to the majors to try to stem the bleeding--to the mound in an attempt to dispatch of the Oakland Moneyballers. Matt Harvey will attempt to lead his first-place New York Mets to victory against the loathsome St. Louis Cardinals.

Or you could talk about how awesome Mad Max: Fury Road was. Or how you are also watching Bienvenidas Realidad on Netflix because you love teen melodrama, and it's the Mexican equivalent of Degrassi.

This thread is your oyster.