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Should the Royals skip Danny Duffy's next start?

With some off-days this week, Duffman could take a mental break.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals have a rare week in which they have two off days within days of each other, which means two days without Royals baseball. Go spend some time with your family!

What this also means is that the Royals could play around with their rotation this week and skip the struggling Danny Duffy, and still keep the rotation on schedule otherwise. Duffy has majorly struggled in each of his last three starts, giving up 14 runs in 9 2/3 innings.

Here is how the rotation could play out this week with Danny Duffy in the rotation, or if they decided to skip his turn in the rotation.

Date Opponent With Duffy Without Duffy
Friday, May 15 vs.Yankees Chris Young Chris Young
Saturday, May 16 vs.Yankees Danny Duffy Danny Duffy
Sunday, May 17 vs.Yankees Edinson Volquez Edinson Volquez
Monday, May 18 OFF OFF OFF
Tuesday, May 19 vs.Reds Yordano Ventura Yordano Ventura
Wednesday, May 20 vs.Reds Jeremy Guthrie Jeremy Guthrie
Thursday, May 21 OFF OFF OFF
Friday, May 22 vs.Cardinals Chris Young Chris Young
Saturday, May 23 vs.Cardinals Danny Duffy Edinson Volquez
Sudnay, May 24 vs.Cardinals Edinson Volquez Yordano Ventura
Monday, May 25 at Yankees Yordano Ventura Jeremy Guthrie
Tuesday, May 26 at Yankees Jeremy Guthrie Danny Duffy
Wednesday, May 27 at Yankees Chris Young Chris Young

Should the Royals skip his turn?

On one hand, Duffy might benefit from a mental break from pitching for a week. Many seem to indicate his problem is between the ears. Duffy may be pressing, and a respite from the pressure of starting may allow him to reset. Also, if there is any physical ailment he is not being forthcoming about, it would give him a bit of a break physically as well. The Royals may also benefit from not having him start against a very good Cardinals team.

On the other hand, if the problem is mental, not starting for a week just allows Duffy to stew in his own negativity some more. Some might argue the best way to bounce back is to get back out there and experience some success. Despite his lackluster results recently, Duffy has also thrown some of the best starting pitching performances for the Royals this year, including this seven-inning gem against a tough Tigers team on April 30.

What do you think? Should Danny Duffy start this week?