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I-70 Game Thread: Inferior Redbirds at AL Champions

The Royals and the Cardinals meet at Kauffman Stadium to decide best record in major league baseball.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in decades, Kauffman Stadium won't look like Arrowhead for this edition of the I-70 series.

Look, I've had this writing position for about a year. I've received positive feedback about the neutrality of my recaps. My job is to write for a Royals blog, not spout off about personal opinions. But for one night, I'm bucking that trend, all because I hate the god damn Cardinals.

I hate that organization with a flaming passion, and somehow, it really has nothing to do with the team. Granted, the Cardinals are the luckiest organization in the history of North American professional sports, but for the most part, the players are both good and respectful. Matt Holliday is a true professional. Adam Wainwright is one of the best people in baseball. Yadier Molina is one hell of a catcher. Year after year, the Cardinals' roster is constructed to near perfection, resulting in 90-win season after 90-win season. The rotation is always nails, the offense is clutch night in and night out, and pennants and banners are raised more often than not.

Yet nobody deserves the success of their own organization less than Cardinal fans.

The self-proclaimed "best fans in baseball" are some of the biggest morons in the United States. They're egotistical, conceited, and cowardly. They think they're above everybody else because of a baseball team they root for. They're the type of people who'd wear Cardinals gear to Royals-Yankees games at Kauffman Stadium, and then brag about it on social networks. When they invade the K for games involving their own team, they throw beer on Royals fans and harass innocent pedestrians. I'll never go to Kauffman for a Royals/Cardinals game after some of the stories Royals Twitter tells about experiences with the worst fans in baseball. They think they're the center of everybody's universe, and if the Cardinals ever reach anywhere near the futility of the 1986-2012 Royals, the "best fans in baseball" won't be anywhere near Busch Stadium (if the fans can even spell it right).

In case you're still shaking your head about how St. Louis fans can't be /that/ bad, check out one of the best Twitter accounts on the internet and then get back to me.

The tables are turning. The Royals are the best team in Missouri. They're the best team in baseball. And don't even get me started on the BBQ competition, because

Kauffman Stadium is going to be a beautiful thing this weekend. The Royals took three of four in the I-70 series last year, and they're out to extend the best start in club history. Chris Young takes on Lance Lynn in tonight's opener. The Royals' lineup is as follows:

S'go, Royals. The time has come to show which Missouri MLB team has the best fanbase, stadium, organization, and baseball team.