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Royals Review Radio: Episode Six - The Memorial Day Megacast Edition

What you are about to listen to has not been approved by the FCC. We are trying something so experimental we all expect to be fired within the next few days.

On Episode 5, we had the minimal number of people required to have conversation (at least one that involves non-hallucinatory methods). On this podcast however, we will have SEVEN members. I'm not sure if this is Guinness World Record eligible, but if it is, we've likely set some sort of weirdly specific record for number of people on a podcast (at least one that is Royals related).

In today's edition of the podcast, members include:

Your hosts (their respected Twitter linked)

Matthew LaMar

Shaun Newkirk

Joining us

Max Rieper - Your familiar Lord Commander of Royals Review

Josh Duggan - Resident Old Man and pop culture icon

Josh Ward - The Bachelor of Film and Media

Brandon Henderson - Noted Twitter celebrity

Minda Haas - The incomparable Minda Haas. If there was a blog writer projection system, Minda would have no historical comparison.

Featured topics include:

The Cardinals series

Yordano Ventura

The impending roster crunch featuring Jason Vargas, Alex Rios, and Erik Kratz

A poor Omar Infante

Deep dish pizza

Brett Eibner's abs

The Detroit Pistons

Shopping at Gap in Chicago

Accompanying photos, from Minda Haas' website which you can find here


Intro: Between the Buried and Me - Lunar Wilderness

Outro: Between the Buried and Me - Mirrors