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Duffy to the DL, Finnegan recalled, Vargas to return

An announcement as surprising as spring rain.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

After a month of bad results, a skipped start, and continued concerns over effectiveness, the inevitable roster move has been made in regard to Danny Duffy:

In corresponding moves, Jason Vargas will be reinstated and will start tomorrow against the New York Yankees. Brandon Finnegan will also be added to the 25-man.

Vargas has been out since May 8th with a flexor strain. Duffy has been out since May 18th because he has a 5.87 ERA and presumably an injury of some kind, though it is hard to say what the injury might be. "Shoulder stiffness" is a bit vague. But it is a tangible injury, as opposed to Rick Ankiel Syndrome.

Brandon Finnegan has been a starter and a reliever in the minors, was moved up to AAA in the past week or so, and will now find himself back with the big league club for the......third time this season? Pretty sure it's the third time.