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Final Four: Royals Review Sixth Inning Song Contest

And thus, the road is drawing to a close.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Another week, another trouncing by the front runner. "Kansas City" continues to be a strong performer, easily defeating "Afternoon Delight" 75.8 to 24.2.

"Danger Zone" squeaked by "You're the Best Around" 53-47, ending the run of Joe Esposito. Gone, but not forgotten.

Another week, another stunning upset. Thin Lizzy came out on top of Kenny Loggins, as "The Boys are Back in Town" dominated "Footloose" in the voting, 61.4 to 38.6.

It's also time for Pantera to take a stroll. as "Walk" was detonated out of Final Four aspirations by Living Colour's "Cult of Personality," 68.2 to 31.8.

Final Four matchups:

  • Kansas City (1) versus The Boys are Back in Town (8)
  • Cult of Personality (5) versus Danger Zone (7)

Here is where you can vote.

Here is where you can listen to the contestants.