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Off Day OT Thread

Bringin' a classic back.

ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

Today, I wondered what kind of thread I should bring you guys. After some contemplation, I decided upon an off topic thread. After further musing, I chose to bring the old OT format back--5 questions.

Of course, this year the Royals are great, so other baseball discussion is a given for this thread. Without further ado:

1. With the re-emergence of the OT thread of old, I bring you a related question: what kind of thing that is no more do you want back? Perhaps it is a TV show, food item, or hairstyle. Regardless, it seems that retro things are becoming popular. In the video game world, pixel art and games specifically created in 1985 NES art styles such as Axiom Verge and Shovel Knight are rapidly growing in popularity. This is happening elsewhere throughout pop culture as well.

2. I just started reading Foundation by Isaac Asimov a week ago. It's a great book--intriguing and unorthodox, written crisply and with Asimov's trademark genius worldbuilding. What classics, book, film, television, or otherwise have you planned to experience but haven't?

3. Speaking of Foundation, I own the Barnes & Noble leatherbound classics Foundation Trilogy collection. It is beautiful, as are is the entire series. I know the cover or arrangement of the book is irrelevant to my enjoyment of it, but it just looks so great on my shelf. What kinds of things are you swayed by its looks even though they don't really impact its form or function?

4. In the sixth grade, I learned how to play the French horn. In high school, I began singing in choir and picked up the trumpet for jazz and pep band purposes. In college, I passed the piano proficiency exam that all music majors must endure. Still, my piano skills are extremely minimal, and I wished that I learned how to play it earlier in life. What musical instrument do you wish you played?

5. When I had summer breaks, I had infinite time and limited money. While I don't have infinite money (far from it), I have enough to spend more freely on my hobbies. The problem is that I am now limited with time. How do you balance time and entertainment activities?