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Off-day OT: Talkin' baseball

Better than your mother's OT.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

No game? No worries. Watch other teams play the game the wrong way. You've got Shadow Royals ace Jordan Zimmermann pitching for Washington versus Giancarlo Stanton, or you could watch Clayton Kershaw threaten perfection against the lowly Brewers. If those games don't float your boat, try on the upstart Astros for size with nouveau ace Dallas Keuchel. Whatever you do, tonight is best spent forgetting about the last two Royals losses by cleansing your palate with more baseball.

Or just talk about whatever. No rules. Except for the usual ones. Rule number one. You do not talk about OT. Second rule of OT? You do not talk about OT. Rule number three: play the OT the right way, and try to envision how those closest to the dirt would play the OT.

Let's get off.