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Game XXVI Thread: The Racists of Cleveland versus the Royals of Kansas City

Destroyer of Escobar versus Vargas in a match-up for the ages.

Please don't suck.
Please don't suck.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

As the Royals attempt to avoid the fate toward which they are apparently hurtling, they will play host to the Racists of Cleveland the soon-to-be Highlanders of Halifax. The Racists will send Danny Salazar to the mound to try to send the Royals down. Whether Destroyer of Escobar can take care of the Royals is entirely up to the Royals' offense, who Ned Yost and pitcher Jason Vargas hope will tear the Cleveland nine a new ah-noose.

The Racists will attempt to score runs against Jason Vargas. If tonight is anything like the rest of the season, that may not be a problem, as Vargas has been pretty terrible.

Is 18-11 a fate certain to occur? Only time will tell. Watch with bated breath.