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Game 27 Thread: Indians vs. Royals

Kansas City continues its epic quest for 18-11.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After last night's victory over the Cleveland Racists Indians, the Kansas City Royals (17-9, first place in the AL Central) will face off in what I am now dubbing the sandwich game, aka the middle game of a three-game series, against the Indians (9-16, fifth place in the AL Central) once more.

Today brings a bevy of lineup changes for the Royals' 25-man roster. Greg Holland returns from his pectoral injury/strain/tear/rupture and replaces Yohan Pino; meanwhile, Francisco Pena replaces the just-injured Erik Kratz and Lorenzo Cain returns from his suspension.

The lineups tonight look like this:

This season, Royals' starter Danny Duffy HAS YET TO LOSE A GAME. In all seriousness though, Duffy has been quite solid, posting swell numbers in both standard runs allowed metrics and defensive independent pitching statistics. Duffy goes up against righty Carlos Carrasco, whose ERA is almost double his FIP. Cleveland's defense is horrible, folks. Let's try for a series win tonight.