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Off-Day OT: Other baseball

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No Royals, no cry

Frame this.
Frame this.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There are quite a few sexy pitching match-ups on today's docket, so why not take the off day to watch baseball without rooting interests.

ESPN is apparently airing the Brewers / Cardinals game for reasons that are baffling. Mike Fiers and Jaime Garcia are pitching. Don't watch that game.

The Game of the Day features the Blue Jays and R.A. Dickey heading to Washington to face Jordan Zimmermann and the Nationals. Bryce Harper might hit 18 home runs tonight.

Ubaldo Jimenez and the Orioles head to Houston to face the still-first-place Astros and spot-starter Brett Oberholtzer.

The Dodgers' best offense on earth gets a taste of the high life at Coors Field. Clayton Kershaw is pitching for the Dodgers while Kyle Kendrick goes for the Rockies.

Two late games have probably the best pitching match-ups. In San Diego, the Mets and Padres will send Jacob deGrom and Andrew Cashner to the mound. Up the coast in Seattle, Felix Hernandez and former Mariners' phenom Michael Pineda go head-to-head. Gerrit Cole is also throwing later tonight as the Pirates head to San Francisco to face Ryan Vogelsong.

Or just talk about the government. Or better yet, don't. Talk about something else.

Tuneage for your earholes.