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Royals Rumblings - News for June 10, 2015

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Royals Rumblings - News for June 10, 2015

Cliff Corcoron of Sports Illustrated is here to tell us who to vote for in the All-Star game.

If this year’s All-Star voting had ended on Monday, seven of the nine members of the American League’s starting lineup would be Royals. I’ve previously encouraged fans to place their votes (each fan can submit up to 35 ballots on until as close to that final day as possible so as to get as full a picture as possible of each player’s season. But more than nine million ballots have already been cast, which means at least a quarter-million people have ignored my sage advice, and we’re only three weeks away from the conclusion of the voting. It seems the time has come issue a corrective to the AL’s Royal problem.

Craig Brown at Royals Authority looks at how legitimate the case is for voting for each Royals starter for the All-Star game.

At shortstop, Alcides Escobar is fourth in fWAR among players with 100 or more plate appearances. Let’s face it, the early part of 2015 is not flush with great shortstops, so yeah, you can make a case for a guy with a .302 on-base percentage. Jose Iglesias? Brad Miller? Xander Bogaerts? Marcus Semien and his 19 errors? Is Escobar playing at an All-Star level? Well, if you grade on a curve, he’s in the conversation.

If I had told you Mike Moustakas had a legitimate case to be the starting third baseman in March, how much would you have bet me? Second in fWAR, behind Josh Donaldson (who’s pretty good, by the way), first in batting average, second in on-base (if you count Brock Holt as a third baseman) and second in slugging. We love his defense, so do the metrics. Again, if your judgment is based on less than half a season, it comes down to Moustakas and Donaldson. One gets to start, the other gets to play: it will all work out.

Sam Mellinger is looking for us to brawl.

In certain circles, what Royals fans are doing is akin to how certain baseball circles viewed Yordano Ventura’s punk tour in April. I fully expect the guys at Bless You Boys to knock on Royals Review’s clubhouse door^ looking for a fight within weeks.

^ Quick poll: should I have gone "basement" door there? Felt too Skip Bayless.

This, of course, will make for an interesting dynamic. Because Royals fans and Kansas Citians — many of them brilliant, civically minded, innovative and good-looking people who are reading these here words — tend to care far more than they should what others think of them. You are probably tired of me mentioning Kansas City’s civic inferiority complex, but these are places where it tends to show. Should be fun!

Chris Kamler takes a look at the precedent set by Reds fans in 1957 that led to Commissioner Ford Frick intervening, that mirrors the ballot-stuffing done by Royals fans this year.

Frick also removed fan voting for future All-Star games and didn’t reinstate it until 1970. (The first All-Star game at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, ironically.) Frick stated that no teams’ fans could make "a burlesque" of the game. You’ll detect a number of differences with this year’s vote which threatens to include Omar Infante and Alex Rios in the starting line up in Cincinnati. But there has been no specific outrage from inside the MLB offices that has been made public, to date. However, there has been a ton out on the Internet.

The Royals went for outfielders in day two of the draft, including TCU outfielder Cody Jones, named Big 12 Player of the Year.

Look where Marlins Man is now.

The Star wants to know which Royals player you want to see on a souvenir poster in this weekend's edition.

Gotta hear both sides of the "protect the fans" debate.

A 27-year old rookie tossed a no-hitter against the Mets last night.

Jonah Keri of Grantland looks at the lucky Twins.

C.J. Nitkowski gives his account on what its like to be drafted.

Grant Brisbee gives the Royals an "A" for their first-round pick, although he gave pretty much every team an "A".

Jayson Stark thinks its time to allow the trading of draft picks.

FIFA's Jack Warner might be the very worst.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has a party boat.

The top ten goals from the Champions League this season.

Jon Bois looks at the stupid history of Super Soakers.

The backlash against unnecessary highway construction.

Should preparing for the SAT be part of a high school's core curriculum?

George Washington's hair wasn't a wig.

Your song of the day is Cold War Kids with "First."