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Royals vs. Twins, Game 57 Game Thread

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Time to increase the distance from the Twins.

Sluggerrrr wants you to stuff the ballot.
Sluggerrrr wants you to stuff the ballot.
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Cy Gibson starts tonight. Argh. He last faced the Royals on April 20th, and the team actually managed to score some stuff. Gibson walked four guys as the Royals scored four runs in five innings. That's not bad. They should do it again.

A fellow named Jorge Polanco will get his first big league start of 2015 tonight. He had a short cup of coffee last year; he plays shortstop. He has never played in AAA and has only 89 AA games under his belt. He had a 124 wRC+ in 52 AA games this year. Ok then.

Edinson Volquez gets the start for the Royals. He has limited the Twins to minimal offense in his two starts against them.

How would you like to know some splits? Here are some interesting factoids about the Royals' offense last 14 days.

Alex Gordon, Salvador Perez, and Kendrys Morales are the only ones who have been above average. Omar Infante's line of the last 14 days is .108/.108/.108. He's gotten four hits in 37 PA. How long can this team continue to play him, ignoring his poor performance? Forever, it seems like.

Continue stuffing the ballot. Team Chaos or whatever.