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Off Day OT Thread - First Place Version

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball exists tonight, but not for the Royals. This is unfortunate, as Kansas City is in first place and possesses the best record in the American League.  In hindsight, perhaps it is not all that surprising that the 2014 AL Champs are doing so well in a year where they retained almost all of their key players.

But, I digress. For digressing is the point of this thread. Onward!

1.  If you had an extra 10 hours per week to put towards a hobby that you do not currently partake in, what hobby would that be?

2.  Next week is E3-the Electronics Entertainment Expo, the largest video game industry event in the world. Have you ever been to a convention, exposition, or fanfest? If not, what are interested in attending?

3.  The Royals are in first place. What is something that you are in first place of among your peer group?

4.  Do you think that the crowded Republican field will make it harder or easier for them to put forward a good candidate for the 2016 presidential election? Even if you are not a Republican, who do you think is A) the most electable and B) the most interesting?

5. You have funding for a sabbatical, research assignment, business trip, or some other temporary excursion. You may not spend it in any current or former city of residence. Where do you go?

BONUS: Favorite terrible utility player for the Royals in the Dayton Moore era