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Game LVIII Thread: The Royals of Kansas City versus the Cardinals of St. Louis

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Ventura versus Garcia.

Please throw fire.
Please throw fire.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Back on a winning track, the Royals head to St. Louis to square off in round two of the 2015 battle royale for Missouri supremacy.

The Cardinals turn to pitcher Jaime Garcia to try to stop the reinvigorated Royals. While not particularly overpowering, Garcia walks next to no one, enabling a 3.60 K/BB and setting himself up for success to the tune of a 3.29 FIP, 2.67 ERA, and 2.95 xFIP.

Hoping that the good version steps to the mound tonight, the Royals are set to hand the ball to Yordano Ventura. The mercurial flamethrower can flash brilliance with the best of them, but those flashes are fewer and farther between than the Royals or Royals fans would prefer.

The lineups: