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Offense still missing, Royals Lose 3-2

Another game, another lack of anything.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals lost again. They scored two or fewer runs again. The pitching was pretty okay considering, but the offense has now been missing for the better part of a month. A pair of solo home runs from Alex Gordon and Salvador Perez accounted for all of the Royals offense, who managed only five hits off of the Cardinals.

It was a sloppy game on both sides, as each team racked up two errors.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Guthrie pitched as well as you should expect from a fifth starter, surrendering three runs in five innings with one walk and four strikeouts. He was able to match Tyler Lyons for the most part, who gave up the two home runs through five innings with six strikeouts.

I don't know what we should have expected from a lineup where Alex Rios hits third, Alcides Escobar leads off, and Omar Infante bats anywhere at any time. They went a combined 0 for 12 with five strikeouts.

It's a pretty miserable first place team that has struggled the past three weeks and is tearing apart at the seams with injuries and questions. Stability would be fun. Hopefully they can get some of that soon.

Somebody will start tomorrow, I assume. And maybe the offense will show up. And maybe Christian Colon will start over Infante finally. And maybe I will find thirty dollars lying on the ground. Who knows?