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Game 60 Open Thread - Kansas City Royals (34-25) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (41-21)

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A run! A run! My kingdom for a run!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Ned Yost likely outsmarted himself by figuring Tyler Lyons was Randy Johnson on lefties yesterday, putting forth a lineup that probably cost the Royals a few runs in the field and failed to do much offensively aside from home runs by Salvador Perez and Alex Gordon (a lefty!) Today Ned puts forth a more professional starting lineup, although Omar Infante is still in there, hitting behind one of our best hitters no less.

The Cardinals start John Lackey, who has done pretty well against the Royals with a 3.67 ERA in eleven starts against them. The Royals did manage to get three runs off of him in five innings of work a few weeks ago, and Lackey was lit up for ten runs in four innings against the Rockies his last time out. By the way, Lackey's middle name is "Derran". Not "Darren", "Derran." Just thought that was of note.

The Royals have slumped this week, but fortunately everyone in the Central is losing too. The Royals need a win to salvage the series and tie the season series with the Cardinals, which would make my bet with my former college roommate Mike a push, avoiding me having to pay for lunch. So win it for me, Ned.