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Game LX Thread: The Royals of Kansas City versus the Brewers of Milwaukee

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Edinson Volquez tangos in the night with Kyle Lohse.

Hopefully the Royals see Lohse doing this a lot tonight.
Hopefully the Royals see Lohse doing this a lot tonight.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals travel to Milwaukee to start a four-game, two-and-two road/home split with the Brew Crew today.

Toeing the rubber for Kansas City? Dayton Moore's big off-season signing, Edinson Volquez.

His counterpart will be Kyle Lohse.

The stories of each hurler's respective seasons could not be more disparate. Volquez's campaign has been strongly aided by the defense behind him and the park in which he plays. His .252 BABIP and modest home-run rates have kept his 3.07 ERA lower than his peripherals (3.40 FIP, 4.01 xFIP, 4.08 SIERA) would suggest it should be.

Meanwhile Lohse sports a woeful 6.27 ERA. His .316 BABIP is only slightly inflating his ERA from his 4.91 FIP, but his HR rates have been aberrant and abysmal, giving up 1.81 per nine with a 16.3 HR/FB%. When combined with his 64.0 LOB%, it isn't difficult to decipher from whence these runs have come. Nearly everything that could be conspiring against Lohse has been.

After a rough two games in St. Louis, Kansas City could use a bad Kyle Lohse to rebound against.

The Royals will align themselves thusly versus the Beerers:

This will be a [f]WAR!