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Royals vs. Brewers, Game 62 Game Thread

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Are the Royals starting to pull away from the field?

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

The Royals have the second largest division lead in MLB, second only to the (cheating) Cardinals. They lead the Twins by 3.5 games; the Twins are starting to fall back to Earth. Going 4-11 in their 15 June games, the Twins are falling behind. Regression hits hard.

On the other hand, Joe Blanton is starting the game tonight for the Royals. Blanton has thrown 15 innings in relief for the team this year with a 1.80/2.84/3.37 ERA/FIP/xFIP. Fine innings, for sure, but let's remember that Blanton didn't pitch in the major leagues last year and garnered negative fWAR in 2013.

On the Brewers side, Jonathan Lucroy, who was an MVP candidate last season, is having a miserable season. The Brewers' top performer on offense (by wRC+) has been none other than Adam Lind. Their season, obviously, is not going well.

Mike Fiers, the only Brewers starter who is pitching like he wants to be there, starts tonight. He strikes out a lot of people, but he also walks a lot of people. He's allowed a .365 BABIP to date, so his ERA is a little out of line with his peripherals. Hopefully the Royals can continue their barrage of offense this fine evening.