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Royals Rumblings - News for June 18, 2015

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Can we play the Brewers all the time?

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Royals Rumblings - News for June 18, 2015

The Wall-Street Journal asked Royals fans if they had any reservations about the ballot-stuffing.

Royals fan David Svoboda, a 51-year-old lifelong player and coach of the game, worries that if the All-Star lineup is stacked with Royals, All-Star manager Yost—who gets to select pitchers—may feel compelled to eschew Kansas City’s stellar bullpen, particularly ace reliever Wade Davis. In 28 innings pitched entering Tuesday’s play, Davis had given up 12 hits and one run, for an ERA of 0.32.

Asked how many current Royals belong in the starting All-Star lineup, Svoboda said, "It would really be hard to say that that number is any more than two." He pointed to Salvador Perez, the team’s hot-hitting catcher, and outfielder Alex Gordon, winner of four Golden Glove awards. In practice, however, Svoboda voted for seven Royals players. And he voted 35 times.

"With the system broken," he said, "I’m going to exploit it."

Taylor Witt of Coaches Coach points out Omar Infante would be the worst All-Star starter ever.

Is he also the Worst All-Star Ever? Well, here are the five worst players by OPS to start an All-Star Game, with OPS and OPS+ at the time of the game in parentheses.

Ozzie Smith, 1983 (.526, 82)

Davey Lopes, 1981 (.538, 66)

Luis Aparicio, 1971 (.559, 62)

andy Alomar Jr, 1991 (.592, 47)

Bobby Richardson, 1964 (.594, 73)

I guess we’ll have to add Omar Infante, 2015 (.496, 37) to the top of that list.

Dave Cameron of Just a Bit Outside writes about how Chris Young is confounding FIP.

No starting pitcher since 1916 has qualified for the ERA title and allowed a BABIP lower than .200 in a single season. The closest anyone ever came was 1968, when Dave McNally used the Orioles historic infield defense and the last year of the higher mound to post a .201 mark, but even that was only 64 points better than the year's league average mark, and just 42 points better than the mark allowed by his team that season. Adjusting for context, the largest gap between a pitcher's single-season BABIP and that year's league average is the .204 mark Jeff Robinson pup in 1988; that was 74 points better than average. #2 on that list? Chris Young's 2006 season, as his .226 BABIP was 72 points lower than the league average.

So he's already made a run at the record once, and now he's threatening to do it again. Currently, he's posting a BABIP 95 points lower than the league's overall .294 mark, but of course it's easier to be on pace to set a record after 60 innings than it is to sustain that pace for 160. Even with all the pop-ups he generates, Young will almost certainly not continue to allow to so few hits, but he does have a real shot at setting the single season mark for lowest BABIP relative to the league average, assuming he stays healthy.

Jim Callis analyzes the Royals draft class:

Four of Kansas City's first five choices were pitchers. Azusa Pacific (Calif.) RHP Josh Staumont (second round) was the hardest thrower among college arms in this Draft, while South Point High (Belmont, N.C.) LHP Garrett Davila (fourth) is advanced for a prepster. Western Kentucky OF Anderson Miller (third) combines power and speed, and he also has shown a low-90s fastball as a left-hander.

Dayton Moore revealed this tidbit:

$15 million for a -2.0 WAR pitcher in 132 innings. Dayton was saved from himself.

Danny Duffy completed a second rehab start for Omaha, going 3 2/3 innings with six strikeouts before hitting his pitch limit of 65.

Pete Grathoff has a few fun facts about Royals pitcher Chris Young, including the fact he dropped 20 points against the Jayhawks once when he played for Princeton's basketball team.

The Royals and Sluggerrr are cleared in the case of the flying hot dog lawsuit that led to a detached retina for one fan.

Jonah Keri wonders if the Blue Jays offense can overcome their crummy rotation.

Bless You Boys looks at why journeyman catcher Brayan Pena is so popular everywhere he goes.

How far would you go if it meant your team would win?

Indians manager Terry Francona peed his pants during a game.

man with no arms threw out a perfect ceremonial first pitch, so you really have no excuses, Danny Duffy.

The Cavs can keep their team together, but it won't be cheap.

Feel free to toke up at the U.S. Open in Tacoma, Washington.

Jason Whitlock has already been fired from the website ESPN was having him head up, before the site has even launched.

Bill Simmons may be headed to HBO.

Only 36% of cable subscribers would pay for ESPN if it was offered a la carte.

The Dominican Republic just revoked the citizenship of 200,000 people, making them stateless.

Should Presidential debates have a "chess clock" that shuts off the mic?

Would you and your significant other get naked in a vacuum pack for art?

Apple has finally conceded that people don't buy music anymore.

Your song of the day is Electric Guest with "This Head I Hold."