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Royals Rumblings - News for June 19, 2015

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National broadcasters are very knowledgeable about the Royals.

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Royals Rumblings - News for June 19, 2015

ESPN's Jeff Chadiha says the Royals All-Star voting results are legit.

MLB makes a concerted effort to investigate votes that: 1. come from accounts created using email addresses that appear to have been tweaked in some way that too closely resemble another address; 2. multiple voting accounts that come from the same IP address; and 3. troubling patterns in voting that emerge during the reviews by a third-party company employed to chart All-Star Game balloting trends. Bowman said that process alone leads to about 20 percent of the votes that are cast online being eliminated every year. With that in mind, all the votes MLB has reported so far have been sanitized.

"I think what is happening is great," Bowman said. "But are some people overzealous? That comes with the territory. ... There is a substantial digital trail that comes with this. It's not new. It's just getting a lot more press because the Royals are more involved now."

Jeff Passan writes how the Royals fans are turning All-Star voting into anarchy.

Bowman said the 20 percent rate of killing ballots is consistent with previous seasons – keenly aware that in addition to civic pride, Kansas City packs a nice wallop of humor. The mere idea of an insurrection on All-Star balloting is so hysterical, the league noticed it the initial week of voting and could hardly believe it. "We scrubbed these first set of numbers incredibly thoroughly," Bowman said.

"We said, 'Can this possibly be right? Look at all these votes for Kansas City.' It just didn't turn out that way."

Skepticism still exists in many corners across baseball, including other areas of the league office, which wonders what an All-Star Game lineup of eight Royals and Mike Trout might do to the TV ratings. Kill them? Juice them? Tough to say. All of this is such a novelty that the fallout is as fascinating as the buildup.

Andy Martino of the New York Daily News says its dumb that people have a problem with the Royals fans voting.

Here’s the most important thing to remember about this process, which has somehow led to handwringing and analysis: Unlike the Cards’ actual, real-world drama, All-star voting has no consequences, other than bonus clauses and home field advantage in the World Series. If Royals fans want to risk the latter for their first-place team by electing Infante over Jose Altuve, that’s their dumb choice. The other thing? This is the system. If you do insist on getting cranky or emotional about something as inane as the All-Star Game, do something about it. Weirdos who spend their days voting online are more likely to see their favorite players in the game. This is what democracy looks like.

Grant Brisbee explains that ballot-stuffing is exactly what MLB wants.

Look at everyone talking about the All-Star ballot. Here's another article on a big website about the All-Star Game. It will get the eyeballs of people who will hopefully share this on social media, which will bring the story to phones, tablets, and computers all around the world. There's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

The Sporting News looks at some of the worst All-Star starters ever and wonders if Omar Infante will join that list.

David Hill at Kings of Kauffman thinks Lorenzo Cain should be a contract extension candidate.

With his improved selectivity at the plate, resulting in much better contact, Cain could be well on his way to becoming a player with double digit home runs and close to thirty stolen bases each season. Add in his Gold Glove caliber defense, and it is easy to see that Cain is an important piece for the Royals. In fact, Cain is important enough that, despite being under team control until 2018, it is now time for the Royals to engage him with discussions towards a long term contract.

At age 29, Cain is in the prime of his career. While he is controlled through age 32, it would certainly make sense for the Royals to look to purchase his arbitration years and go a bit into his free agency window. A five year extension certainly should not be outside the realm of possibility, and may be beneficial for both Cain and the Royals.

Dayton Moore is pretty mum about the Cardinals hacking scandal.

"I don't know anything about it," Moore said. "I've got great respect for both organizations. I really don't know anything about it. Our focus has always been on the Kansas City Royals and don't really have any comment on what other organizations do or what have you."

The Royals say Kris Medlen should be back around the All-Star break. So I guess that's too late to vote him in?

He will likely begin rehabbing in Northwest Arkansas today.

Trouble for Kyle Zimmer?

The early word it was for a lack of command, not injury.

Omaha's Brian Poldberg has been named manager of the Pacific Coast League for the AAA All-Star Game in Omaha.

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak is committed to finding out the source of the hacking!

Charles Pierce at Grantland writes about the schadenfreude-filled Cardinals scandal.

Pablo Sandoval was benched for using Instagram during a game.

Jon Bois looks at the strange career of former Royals outfielder Lonnie Smith.

A user at Lookout Landing was drafted by the Phillies and talked about his experience. Someday, this will be you, tiquanunderwear.

Why sports espionage is nothing new.

The U.S. Open is going to get weird, and not just because Joe Buck is doing the commentating.

NFL player Michael Oher is not a fan of the movie "The Blind Side", which was about his life.

What's in the future for XBox?

Brian Williams is out as anchor at NBC, but will remain at the network in other capacities.

A movie funded by FIFA as a vanity project has become the lowest-grossing movie in United States history.

Americans think social intelligence and computer skills are more important than a college degree in landing a job.

We might not know it if Earth got sucked into a black hole.

Your song of the day is Porno for Pyros with "Pets".