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Royals Rumblings - News for June 2, 2015

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Coach MITCH!!!!!

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Royals Rumblings - News for June 2, 2015

Lee Judge writes about Alcide Escobar's propensity to start the game off swinging.

On Friday Esky’s ambush worked: It was warm and the wind was blowing out at Wrigley Field — Alcides homered. Sunday it was cold and the wind was blowing in, so the ambush had less chance of being successful, and it wasn’t.

And when an ambush doesn’t work and Escobar makes an out, the next hitter — in this case Omar Infante — pretty much has to take a strike; he can’t let the pitcher get two-thirds of the way through the first inning by throwing only two pitches, and the pitcher knows it. Because he knows the second hitter is now taking, the pitcher pumps a fastball down the middle and the two-hole hitter starts off his at bat behind in the count; that’s what happened to Omar on Sunday.

The first-pitch ambush can be a good tactic when used at the right time — like when it’s warm and the wind is blowing out at Wrigley — but when it fails it can screw up two at-bats.

He also had a chat session and reported that Mitch Maier is set to take over for Rusty Kuntz as coach next year.

The anti-Royals in the All-Star Game movement has begun. Stephen Mast of Fox Sports is leading the anti-Royals bandwagon.

So, the takeaway here is that only Royals fans seem to be paying attention to this wildly popular series. Which means that there is a darn good chance we will see an all-Royal All-Star Game. Unless of course, the rest of you AL fans start voting. Fast. And in large quantities. We need to double our efforts here, people. Wake up and smell the Bar-B-Que. That's the smell of the Royals taking over the baseball world. As delicious as it smells, don't you want to see your favorites playing in the Midsummer Classic too?

Here is more from Dayton Moore from his visit to Omaha last weekend.

There are a lot of young arms within the farm system, guys like Brandon Finnegan, Kyle Zimmer, Sean Manaea, Aaron Brooks, Christian Binford and others. How are they progressing?

Moore: There’s a chance all those guys can help us not only as a starter but in a relief situation. You’re going to need them all as we get deep into the season. Certainly, they’re all a major part of our future. You can never have enough. A mentor of mine, Paul Snyder, always told me you’ve always got to have 20 average or better pitching prospects just to get two or three in the major leagues. You need quantity, that’s for sure. We’re getting ready to have the draft here in a couple of weeks. It’s perhaps the most important exercise that we go through as an organization. Homegrown talent, the farm system, is always crucial, especially for our market. Pitching is the currency of the game. The only way you tilt the field in your favor is to have quality pitching on the mound.

John Viril at Kings of Kauffman agrees with Josh Duggan and says its time to bench Omar Infante.

KC Royals manager Ned Yost could afford to wait for Infante to get going with his offense scoring plenty of runs early in the season. With his offense going stone cold, Omar Infante’s trouble at the dish is becoming a problem the team can’t tolerate. Perhaps the solution would be to get Omar Infante’s body right by getting elbow surgery. While it would cost Infante six to twelve weeks in recovery time, he’s not really helping the team in the lineup.

Jim Callis looks at the best draft classes ever, and has the 1971 Royals in the top ten.

Kansas City grabbed Hall of Fame third baseman George Brett in June's second round -- one choice before the Phillies selected another in Mike Schmidt. Other noteworthy picks included Steve Busby (second round, June secondary delayed), who threw two no-hitters in his first two full big league seasons before a torn rotator cuff derailed him, Mark Littell (sixth, June) and John Wathan (No. 4 overall, January).

The bromance continues.

Royals Authority has your June desktop calendar.

Former Royals minor leaguer Anthony Seratelli is featured in this article about his career in Japan.

The Twins have the best record in the league. How? Why? What????

The Phillies may be willing to eat more money in a Cole Hamels deal than previously thought.

If the season had started May 1, here are the narratives that would be spun.

Montreal is making its push to get back into Major League Baseball.

Giancarlo Stanton will not "break you off a piece of his Kit Kat bar."

Rally lawn chair-hats.

Jeffrey Flanagan was probably wise to jump ship from Fox Sports Kansas City - the Fox Sports regional networks are laying off staff.

Fred Hoiberg is leaving Iowa State to coach the Chicago Bulls.

UAB football is coming back already.

Could a rival to the 2022 World Cup be staged in protest of the host city, Qatar and FIFA corruption?

The Supreme Court overturned the conviction of an internet troll for online threats.

Cameron Crowe's "Aloha" sounds like a bit a of a mess with cultural appropriation thrown in for good measure.

The FOX show "24" is getting a spin-off series.

Your song of the day is Alabama Shakes with "Always Alright." (NSFW - language)