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Royals vs Red Sox Game 65 Thread

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A proverbial rubber match

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

From Wikipedia:

Rubber game:

A term used for the last game of a series or match when the two teams have evenly split the previous games. See also rubber bridge / best-of-three playoff.

Given that this weekend series meets the requirements outlined above, we can deem this competition a rubber match.

Your lineups for this competition.


Escobar SS

Cain CF

Hosmer 1B

Morales DH

Gordon LF

Rios RF

Infante 2B

Colon 3B

Butera C

Young P

Red Sox

Betts CF

Holt 3B

Pedroia 2B

Ortiz DH

Ramirez LF

Bogaerts SS

Napoli 1B

De Aza RF

Leon C

Miley LHP

As outlined above, Wade Miley will face Chris Young on the bump(s).

While pitching vs player and even pitcher vs team historical stats are basically meaningless, here at Royals Review we try to be all encompassing. Below you'll find how Wade Miley has performed against some Royals hitters.

For those of us simply marking time until the True Detective season 2 premier tonight, consider this thread and game your waiting room.