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Red Sox hate Kansas City fathers, drill Royals 13-2

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Loss may require years of therapy for young children.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Thousands of Kansas City fathers walked into Kauffman Stadium today, heroes in the eyes of their young children. The Boston Red Sox dashed those illusions in three hours, routing the Royals in a 13-2 laugher, in a vicious display of anti-fatherism. The war on paternity has begun.

Royals starter Chris Young had not given up a run in his last two starts, but gave up a second-inning solo home run to Hanley Ramirez to end that streak. David Ortiz would add a solo home run in the fourth, but up to that point, the Royals were making it a competitive game, enough for Kansas City children to believe their fathers were still invincible men of incredible strength.

It was the fifth inning where childhood innocence was laid to rest. Mookie Betts would drill a two-run home run to double the lead. Chris Young showed uncharacteristic lack of command by walking back-to-back hitters to load the bases. Xander Bogaerts would clear the bases with a double, and the rout was on. Chris Young would exit having given up seven runs, one-third of the total runs he has given up all season. His ERA rose nearly a full run from 1.98 to 2.83. Kansas City fathers tried to flex their muscles in a vain attempt to show off for the children, but the illusion was pierced.

The Royals bullpen did little to stop the bleeding. Jason Frasor was very hittable, allowing three runs in less than an inning of work. Aaron Brooks, just up from Omaha, was called on to finish the game in slop mode, giving up three runs over the final three frames. The six runs allowed by the Royals pen was 12% of all the runs they have given up all year.

Offensively, the Royals had opportunities to score off Red Sox lefty Wade Miley, but failed to drive home any runs until the ninth. Alex Rios was particularly un-clutch, stranding six runners in an 0-4 performance.

The Royals again have problems with the Red Sox, despite Boston's struggles. They're a franchise that won't be down for long, so you have to worry how the Royals will fare once the Beaneaters have their act together. In the meantime, it will take an awful lot of push-ups for Kansas City fathers to feel like the king of the castle again.