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Royals Rumblings - News for June 23, 2015

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Today is Election Day in Kansas City. #vote4hosmer

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Royals Rumblings - News for June 23, 2015

Lee Judge admits to reading Fangraphs.

You might not want to believe everything you read on the Internet — I know that’s a shock — and sometimes baseball web sites misidentify pitches. Having said all that, let’s choose to believe the numbers on the website FanGraphs, because I use those numbers all the time and believing otherwise would be highly inconvenient. According to that website, in 2015 Chris Young has thrown his fastball 61.9 percent of the time, his slider 36.4 percent of the time and his change-up 1.7 percent of the time.

So what does that tell you? Spit on Chris Young’s change-up.

Quit the nerd stats Lee, and get closer to the dirt.

Bob Ellis of Kings of Kauffman thinks Alex Rios is heating up.

In a season of small sample size judgments for Rios…maybe it’s time we all pile back on the bandwagon yet again. Since hitting that low point, Rios has been hitting at a clip reminiscent of the first chapter of his 2015 tale. In his last six games/25 plate appearances, Rios has a slash of .348/.360/.391 (.751 OPS). The slugging still isn’t there – only one extra base hit in this most recent stretch – but he’s hitting the ball well and getting on base. He even swiped a base against the Red Sox on Saturday, a component of his game that has largely been missing this year (3 SB in 2015 for a guy who had 82 combined SB from 2012-2014).

Yes, it still looks bad when you’re at the ballgame and you see his .236/.266/.303 slash line staring at you in beautiful high definition from the scoreboard…but in a season of small chapters, he has a lot of story to be told.

Chris Kamler at Pine Tar Press tells all the national media and fans upset with All-Star voting to "go blue themselves."

What you are seeing from Royals fans is pure love. And it should be celebrated as beautiful.

It should be celebrated. Oh sure, it’s exposing some flaws and bringing the purpose of the All-Star game to the national debate. But that’s completely missing the point.

Every time I see a hater online, I just #Vote35. I also #VoteOmar and #Vote13 and #VoteA1 and all the rest. Every complaint is energy wasted not voting.

Bill Barnwell at Grantland thinks Kendrys Morales may be one of the worst players this year to garner MVP votes.

Morales is the outlier on this list, nearly all the way to a full win ahead of replacement. He has twice as many walks and about half as many strikeouts as Gattis, but like the Astros slugger, Morales’s MVP candidacy is built around his RBI total. Having spent most of the year in the 5-hole behind breakout seasons from Eric Hosmer (.366 OBP) and Mike Moustakas (.380),6 Morales has had a steady diet of baserunners and produced 43 RBIs this year, sneaking him into the AL’s top 10.

The only player in baseball who has had more RBI opportunities, per Baseball Prospectus, is Giancarlo Stanton. For that RBI total, Morales really isn’t hitting very well, relying mostly on singles. His .170 isolated power is 72nd among qualifying hitters, as Morales has chipped in all of seven homers across three months. His 120 OPS+ is competent, but given that he can’t run and doesn’t play the field, it’s also all he contributes. Morales should still get RBI opportunities by virtue of hitting in the middle of Kansas City’s lineup, but if the singles start to fade, he could rapidly approach replacement level while remaining a viable down-ballot MVP vote candidate.

Michael Mariot is up with the team, at least until Danny Duffy is activated. Aaron Brooks was sent back to Omaha.

Baseball Tonight has the Royals third in their power rankings this week. TYPICAL EAST COAST BIAS.

The Royals have already sold their 2 millionth ticket this year, guaranteeing them of reaching that plateau in attendance for the first time since 1991.

Pine Tar Press gives out their first-half awards for the Royals minor league system.

Does baseball need to overhaul its instant replay system?

Very sad news, as former Major Leaguer and MLB Network contributor Darryl Hamilton is found dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

ESPN uncovers new evidence that asserts that Pete Rose bet on baseball during his playing career.

A 16-year old French girl becomes the first woman ever to be added to baseball's international registration list for international free agent signings.

Baseball is among the finalist sports to be added to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

The U.S. Women's National Team is in the World Cup Quarterfinals after a win over Colombia.

Big 12 basketball coaches think 30 seconds is plenty of time to score.

P. Diddy gets arrested for fighting with a UCLA football coach.

ranking of all the NBA free agents.

Its Election Day in Kansas City. Vote for Hosmer.

Greece finally offers some reasonable proposals to avoid a massive debt default.

NBC has canceled "Hannibal", one of its more critically-acclaimed shows.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame dumps 16 of its nominating members.

Taylor Swift reconciling with Apple is bad news for Spotify.

Your song of the day is John Lennon with "Starting Over."