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The Royals Review t-shirt trivia giveaway

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Do you like trivia? Do you like free t-shirts? Well then do I have the article for you. The good people at Promerch wanted to give away some Royals t-shirts to our readers, and I like weeding out the bandwagon fans from the TRUE ROYALS fans with Royals trivia.

Answer the trivia questions below and send your answers to with the subject line "TRIVIA" by 5 p.m. CT tomorrow. Please do not give away any hints or answers in the comments! I'll select the five with the most correct answers to win one of these t-shirts offered by Promerch:

Full disclosure, Promerch has compensated me by giving me each of these nifty shirts, which I wear around town receiving high-fives from fellow Royals fans. Want a high-five? Win a shirt!


1. What future Hall of Famer did the Royals select in the 1968 Expansion Draft?

2. There have been four Royals pitchers who have won Cy Young Awards for another team. Name them.

3. Who was the last Royals hitter to draw 100 walks in a season?

4. The Royals drafted (and signed) one player who went on to win a home run title. Who was he?

5. Who was the last Royals player to be elected to the All-Star game?

6. Who was the first designated hitter in Royals history?

7. What Royals reliever gave up the most runs by a pitcher in club history, and the most by a reliever in the Major Leagues since World War II?

8. Of all the Royals first-round (and sandwich) picks in the June Amateur draft, who has the most career rWAR?

9. What Royals pitcher is in the top ten for worst ERA in Major League history for a pitcher with at least 500 innings?

10.Dayton Moore has made a trade with every single Major League team except for two. Who are they?

11.What Royals hitter holds the record for striking out the most in a World Series?

12.Who has the highest rWAR in a single-season in Royals history? (HINT: Its not George Brett)

13.What long-time Royals player was the first Royals draft pick ever to make the big leagues?

14.What Major Leaguer was Mike Moustakas high school teammates with?

15.What Royals player was part of three generations of Major League baseball players in his family?

16.The Royals have drafted three Hall of Fame NFL quarterbacks. Name them.

17.What team have the Royals made the most trades with in franchise history?

18.Who was the first Major League off-season free agent from another club ever signed by the Royals?

19.Who is the only teenager to ever play for the Royals?

20.Who hit the final out caught by Darryl Motley in Game 7 of the 1985 World Series?

BONUS: What is a group of otters called? (four possible answers, just name one)