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Royals nominated for two ESPYs

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports, is recognizing that plucky little team in the Midwest by nominating the 2014 Royals for two ESPYs as part of their 2015 award show. The Royals are nominated for "Biggest Upset" for their 2014 American League pennant, and are up against Georgia State's upset of Baylor in the NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament and Mississippi over Alabama in college football.

The Royals-Athletics Wild Card game has also been nominated for "Best Game", along with the Super Bowl matchup of the Patriots vs. Seahawks, and Game 7 of the Clippers/Spurs opening round of the Western Conference Playoffs in the NBA.

You can vote for all the ESPY awards here until the show airs, although there is only ONE vote per category, unlike the All-Star voting. The ESPYs will air on July 15, at 7 p.m. CT on ABC live from Los Angeles with your host Joel McHale.