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Royals vs. Mariners, Game 69 Game Thread

This battle for Grass Creek concludes tonight.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The hardy soldiers in blue crests hopefully got a nice rest last night while holding their muskets close to their chests, for tonight is a test as the team plays out west. I must confess that I was not impressed with the effort displayed in last night's contest. Mike Montgomery finessed his way to a victory full of zest. The Royals offered no protest.

Pressed into duty after he has progressed in his recovery, Danny Duffy makes his first foray into battle to wrest control of Grass Creek from the unwelcome guests. At the behest of his general, Roenis Elias stands against Duffy. The best assessment of Elias reveals that he has been the beneficiary of much largesse; both his BABIP and left on base rate should regress.

Duffy looked stressed the last time he pitched. Tonight, he must suppress any desires for comfort. He must be a man possessed. He must force the Mariners to arrest their pursuit of the blessed territory of Grass Creek.

The Royals must complete tonight's quest, lest they lose the Battle for Grass Creek until the month of September.


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