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Off Day OT Thread: Green Edition

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What's going on?

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

The Kansas City Royals will face the Oakland Athletics tomorrow in Oakland, hopefully playing a clean series and not continuing their bizarre hatred that could translate into injuries (see Rios, Alex). The Athletics are the only team in Major League Baseball to feature green as a significant color.

As such, the questions for this evening will be related to that color: green. Buckle up, gentlemen and gentleladies.

1.  Green is the color of American dollars. Are you more of an impulse buyer or are you the type of person why tirelessly researches Amazon reviews of things like toothbrushes to optimize your purchase?

2.  Green is the color of forests and the outdoors. Do you have any important camping stories or experiences?

3.  Green is the color of envy. What do you envy most about others?

4.  Green is the color of sickness and nausea. What's the worst you've ever been sick? Was it self-inflicted (alcohol, overeating) or a disease of some sort?

5.  Green is the color of Brazil's flag. Are you looking forward to next year's Summer Olympics?

BONUS: Green is the color of the Oakland Athletics. Please write a haiku about Oakland or the Athletics.