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Kansas City V. Former Kansas City: Game LXXI Thread

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And former Philadelphia, but we won't quibble while I purposefully try and antagonize you. XOXOXO

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It has been an up and down season for several teams in Major League Baseball this season. The Toronto Blue Jays' run differential is +91, they are 40-35, but their pythag W-L is 49-26. They have by far the best offense in baseball, but find themselves in a neck-and-neck for the American League East*.

The Washington Nationals are the only team with a positive run differential in the National League East, but lead the division by just 3.5 games over the New York Mets**.

Meanwhile, the Oakland Athletics are the only team in the majors with a positive run differential (+43, good for fourth in the AL) and a losing record (34-42). It's pretty astounding, and kind of humorous.

Humorous because of the cloak of righteous indignation that they have adorned themselves in since a warm April day in the second week of the season. Humorous because there's a continuing sentiment that somehow, in some way, the events of last April were instigated by anyone other than the green and gold. Humorous because they cratered to an 8-23 record following that series. Humorous because even as things continue to go wrong for Kansas City (injuries, ineffective starters, slumping offense), the worst they can manage is a .500 record since May 23rd. Humorous because this:

Baseball is funny.

Chris Young goes for the Royals. He's 6-3 with a 2.83 ERA, but he's due for some rough ones, as suggested by his 4.11 FIP. Kris Medlen, come thou fount.

Scott Kazmir (4-4, 2.70 ERA) goes for the greenies, so advantage former Kansas City. We'll have to see what happens once the bullpens get involved.


*I kinda really want Toronto to win the East, mainly because I hate the Yankees, indifferent about the Red Sox, dislike the Orioles (thanks 2015 ALCS for ruining yet another of my ancillary teams), and Tampa is hard to root for because of their ownership.

**They could be very scary if they figure out how to field even a decent offense. Their rotation of DeGrom, Harvey, and Syndergaard could be ridiculous. The bullpen is fine, they just need to figure out how to score.