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Royals Rumblings - News for June 29, 2015

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Hope Hos didn't injure his ring finger.

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Royals Rumblings - News for June 29, 2015

The Royals are nicked up after this weekend's series in Oakland.

When the day began, the more serious concern appears to reside with Cain, who also sat out Wednesday night in Seattle. But Hosmer departed midway through Sunday’s game with increased discomfort in his finger.

"It just got sorer and sorer as the day went on," manager Ned Yost said after the game. "So he’s a day-to-day thing. We’re just going to have to look at it, and see what happens."

Yost said Hosmer probably would sit out Monday night’s game against the Astros in Houston. He expected Cain to serve as designated hitter. Cain had to pinch-hit for Hosmer in the eighth inning of Sunday’s game. Cain rolled a single up the middle, but Salvador Perez saved Cain’s legs when he homered in the next at-bat.

Alcides Escobar also left with a finger injury but is expected to play tonight.

Despite the injuries, the Royals are pumped up from the weekend.

"These types of wins," Guthrie says, "not only are they a win in the win column, but I think they go a long ways to better the morale of 25 guys."

Congrats to Jeremy Guthrie on getting his 1,000th career strikeout.

"It’s 1,000 more than I thought I would have had 10 years ago," Guthrie said. "So it’s a great accomplishment. I’m happy to be able to get there and have the endurance to be able to get to that number."

Sam Mellinger is spouting ridiculous nonsense, asserting Wade Davis is "human."

All of that is why moments like Saturday tend to stick out in the memory. Not just for the two walks — that’s the sixth time in 32 games he’s given up more than one baserunner — or Lawrie’s near home run. But also for the way he got out of it, first with the strikeout and then with the double play, screaming and jumping and punching his glove in celebration. What was up with that, anyway?

"Sometimes you feel like you get a little lucky," Davis says. "And it excites you."

So, see that? He is human. Machines don’t get lucky.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reports the Royals are one of a number of teams pursuing pitchers Clay Buchholz and....Jeff Samardzija?

Anthony Pluff of iSportsWeb thinks Bubba Starling could become trade bait for the Royals.

Starling may not be valuable as a future center fielder for the club, but he may be worth a solid third or fourth starter that could have a real impact on the team’s success now. With number one pick in 2014 Brandon Finnegan seeming to find his place in the bullpen, prospect Kyle Zimmer yet to have an impact on the big league club, and Sean Manaea still very much a work in progress, trading Starling may give the Royals the best chance to increase their starting pitching depth now and be a real contender for at least the next half decade.

ESPN's Tim Kurkijian looks at what makes for a "dirty slide".

"The Brett Lawrie slide," said Seattle Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon. "You have to have court awareness. Escobar had no chance to make the double play on that play. Lawrie had no court awareness. When you are just trying to get a force out, you are in a vulnerable position. I don't blame the Royals [for being angry]."

Yordano Ventura didn't exactly dominate in his rehab start for Omaha on Friday, and will make one more rehab start before joining the club.

Kris Medlen will rehab for Omaha tonight.

Sean Manaea will make his season debut for Wilmington tonight after missing the first three months with an abdominal strain and a groin issue.

Everything is going Mike Moustakas' way this year - he aced the 17th hole at Pebble Beach on their off day.

The Royals minor league affiliate, the Idaho Falls Chukars won their game 25-2 on Sunday with outfielder Alexis Rivera reaching base all seven times he was up.

Now available.

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Phillies outfielder Jeff Francoeur forgets how to baseball.

Giancarlo Stanton will miss 4-6 weeks with a broken hand which means pitchers Dan Haren and Mat Latos could become available.

Bob Costas got kinda dark in making a comment on the awfulness of Pedro Strop's outing Friday.

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