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Royals vs. Indians, Game 50 Game Thread

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The Royals look to overtake the Twins and stem the tide.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports


If the Indians win this game, they'll be back to .500. If the Royals win this game, they'll retake first place in the AL Central. The Indians have been clawing their way back in the standings, and they look relatively dangerous. The Royals need to get back to their winnings ways in order to stay relevant.

The Royals send Jason Vargas to the mound to face Corey Kluber. Kluber is a very good pitcher. He has double-digit strikeouts in three of his last four starts while allowing only five runs over those four starts. The Royals have faced Kluber twice so far and roughed him up both times, but that Kluber is not the same guy apparently.

Vargas' first start back from the DL, while short, wasn't terrible. He gave up two runs in four innings but struck out six. He's been homer-prone, giving up a homer in all his starts except for one. The Royals will need every bit of their offense and defense tonight to overcome the pitching matchup.

Interestingly, Vargas has also started against Cleveland twice this year, back-to-back. He gave up two runs in each start. If he can go five or six innings while giving up two runs again, I think that will suffice.