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Royals Rumblings - News for June 30, 2015

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We'll let Jose Altuve start the All-Star Game, if Houston lets us win this series.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for June 30, 2015

Craig Brown at Royals Authority is skeptical that the Royals will make a move for pitching at the trade deadline.

Dayton Moore likes to examine and exhaust all internal options before moving beyond his organization. If Ventura and Vargas return to the rotation ahead of the All-Star Break and if Medlen stays on track and if Danny Duffy makes progress you could have pretty much a brand new rotation on July 17. Granted, that’s the best case scenario, something that hardly ever happens in baseball. Especially with pitching.

Also, do the Royals have the necessary prospect depth to deal for a front line starter? I’m not sure they do. A move without quality would take quantity, something we know the Royals are loathe to do given their desire to build a strong pipeline to the majors. Plus, do they have the stomach to ship a key prospect in a deal where they would have a rental starter for two months?

John Viril at Kings of Kauffman wants the Royals to check out John Lamb before pulling the trigger on a trade.

I, however, am not so hot on pulling the trigger on such a trade before the KC Royals give AAA prospect John Lamb a trial in Kansas City. Lamb leads the Pacific Coast League with eight wins, along with an outstanding 2.71 ERA that ranks fifth among PCL starters. In short, it seems a waste of prospects to deal for Buchholz or Samardzija before finding out if Lamb’s dominance in the PCL can translate to Kansas City.

Eric Hosmer will likely miss the entire series in Houston due to a finger injury.

Jonah Keri at Grantland ranks the Cardinals and Royals #1 and #2 in his power rankings.

Tracy Ringolsby of writes that Salvy joins some elite company.

Perez became the 21st catcher in Major League history to have 500 career hits by the age of 25, according to, which includes any player who was 25 or younger on June 30 or earlier in a season. He didn't get the ball. A fan who retrieved the home run offered a phone number and said he would negotiate, but Perez didn't seem concerned.

Salvy is looking for the hit though.

There were a number of important starts in the minor leagues last night. Kris Medlen made a rehab start for Omaha.

Sean Manaea made his season debut for Wilmington

2015 first-round pick Ashe Russell made his professional debut for Burlington.

The Star wants to know if Bret Saberhagen is the most iconic player to wear #31 in Kansas City sports history.

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts is a Royals fan?

It turns out some of the food safety complaints at Kauffman Stadium were fake.

Marlins pitchers are drawing a lot of trade interest.

Tensions are brewing in the Angels organization.

A minor league manager forgets to put his relief pitchers on the lineup card, requiring him to use position players in relief.

The Phillies may finally be embracing analytics.

Signing international free agents gotten more complicated.

The Home Run Derby now has a clock and complicated new rules, including you must boo Robinson Cano.

The U.S. Women's Soccer Team is facing some tough lineup decisions.

Are the Lakers and Knicks still hot free agent destinations?

Golfer Phil Mickelson is linked to a $2.75 million money laundering case.

Bill Cosby tries to claim he is not a public figure to have documents sealed in his sexual assault lawsuit.

Why Bitcoin is unsustainable.

The Supreme Court declining to hear the Oracle v. Google lawsuit may have big implications for tech developers.

Here is the trailer to the new documentary"I am Chris Farley."

Your song of the day is Yaz with "Don't Go."