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Weekend Rumblings - News for June 6, 2015

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Where the review umpires hate us.

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Weekend Rumblings - News for June 6, 2015

Our favorite beat writer from the Kansas City Star, Andy McCullough answered questions in his mailbag. Including mine (well, somewhat):

@LaMar_Matt: Royals have reportedly liked what John Lamb is going. Can you elaborate? Do the royals think he's a legit option?

@McCulloughStar: I answered these questions in a story earlier this week. I enjoyed your usage of "reportedly."

Salvador Perez is interested in reworking his deal. The Star's Vahe Gregorian thinks both sides have legitimate points of view.

It’s tempting to try to choose one side or another here, or maybe it comes instinctively to you, but the truth is that each has a case:

Perez deserves money befitting his rising stature, and he has proven himself exceptional … but the Royals extended themselves before they had to and aren’t obliged to do anything more until they have to again.

The truth also is this:

Perez is underpaid, and that is a true shame, and I’d rather see the laborer get the money than The Man.

But any implication that he is being cheated somehow is patently false.

Former Royals Review Overlord and current Royals Authority Overlord Craig Brown says that Chris Young is finally running out of luck:

This isn’t to say the Royals should dump Young, or should shift him back to the bullpen. This is to say that with the Royals defense and their home ballpark, it is indeed the perfect scenario for Young. There isn’t a better team in the majors for him to ply his craft. But for every start like the one against the Tigers, there’s going to be one like we saw against the Indians. His great start to the season was never sustainable. As the innings pile up, he will continue to give back the luck he experienced over the season’s first two months. Baseball is funny that way. The Royals will continue to hope that Young can survive on the back of the Royals outfield defense and home ballpark. And they also will wait for their offense to awaken from this slumber.

Looks like Erik Kratz is staying in Omaha for as long as a rehabilitation assignment will allow.

Kratz, on the disabled list with a torn plantar fascia retroactive to May 4, will play his last game in Omaha on Tuesday night. Position players are only allotted 20 days per rehab stint while pitchers can use up to 30 days.

The extra games give the Royals extra time to decide between backup catcher Drew Butera and Kratz. Kansas City traded for Butera on May 7, the day after placing Kratz on the DL.

Other items of interest

Rand Paul was a favorite a few months ago, but now his campaign is struggling. Oh how political winds can shift.

Lionel Messi is very, very good--perhaps he can hit for Omar?

Inside Out, Pixar's new film, is perhaps one of the better Pixar flicks in recent memory.

Should you go to law school even if you don't want to be a lawyer?

A Red Sox fan was hit in the head by a broken bat shard at Fenway and sustained serious injuries. Should there be a discussion about a more extended net around the infield?

Weekend classic

Jurassic World comes out this weekend. Long live John Williams, who is The Man.

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