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Rangers strike early, Royals lose 4-2

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Not my favorite game of the year.

Sexybar is Bestbar.
Sexybar is Bestbar.
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Yordano Ventura lasted just three innings as the Texas Rangers went ahead early and defeated a listless Royals offense Saturday afternoon.

It's hard to pinpoint what was going on. His control was spotty, but only in brief flashes. At other times he looked on point. His body language wasn't great. He looked tired, to be honest. Not worn out, or fatigued. More like, "I woke up thirty minutes ago and I'm not quite all here yet."  He ended up yielding four runs over three innings on six hits with two walks and three strikeouts.

Joe Blanton pitched 3.1 innings, giving up three hits and no runs with four strikeouts. Franklin Morales finished out the seventh with a strikeout. Kelvin Herrera pitched a perfect frame with a strikeout as well. Frasor threw the ninth and loaded the bases before getting out of the inning.

The offense continues to slump. Alcides Escobar is now slashing .264/.299/.357. Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer went back to back opposite field on a pair of singles, but outside of doubles from Alex Gordon and Jarrod Dyson (who also stole third and scored) and a late-game solo home run from Salvador Perez (who is slashing .277/.287/.440), there wasn't much to get happy about.

Except for this. v147543283.0.html

Though the game did end with Escobar getting tagged out at the plate on a called third strike by the umpire that Escobar tried to check his swing on. Escobar stood there and asked for a first base umpire appeal instead of running, as the ball skipped away from the catcher towards the third base dugout. Apparently no one told him that when the home plate umpire calls a ball and/or strike, there are no appeals. It is what it is, and this team is flailing right now.

Jeremy Guthrie faces off against Colby Lewis tomorrow, so. Enjoy your sunny Sunday afternoon.