RRCCA XXI: The Deriveter

If my search results are accurate, it's been almost a year and a half since we've done one of these. (Is that right?) Regardless, this is happening now..

The theme, apropos of nothing other than I think it sounds fun: derivative songs that ultimately sound way too much like another artist but you love them anyway.

Guilty pleasures? Hey, bring 'em on. Provided it's clear the song you submit is an original song - that is, not a cover - and owes a(n at least semi-obvious) debt to an earlier recording/artist. Please submit your recommendation as a YouTube URL.

Email your responses to: thejosephboys at gmail dot com
Subject line: RRCCA
Deadline: 12a Weds-into-Thurs this week so I have time to post the results on Friday.

Semi important note: I don't know how to put together a YouTube playlist but it can't be that hard. Hopefully somebody that's done one of these will chime in and give me a hand.

To get your engines going here's a totally off-the-cuff exam-Paul..

Emitt Rhodes "Somebody Made for Me"

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