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Rangers at Royals: Sunday Game Thread

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The Royals look to avoid the sweep on Sunday at Kauffman Stadium. If I had a nickel every time I've said that over the years...

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago, the Royals had won five games in a row and were looking to finish off a sweep of the Cardinals with their ace on the hill. Ever since, it's been a disaster. The team has sputtered over the past two weeks, losing nine of 11, and they now look to avoid a sweep against the Texas Rangers.

It gets better.

Ned Yost, implementing the infamous "when your team has lost nine of 11 and has had five off days in the last three weeks, go ahead and sit your best all-around player" approach, will roll out this lineup:

Eric Hosmer will bat third today. Jeremy Guthrie in the 90 degree heat trying to avoid a sweep. Uh...this afternoon has the ingredients in place to be a "mow the grass by 2:00 PM" sort of thing.

Oh, and on a more personal note, I want to apologize for being absent in these reviews recently. I missed last Friday and again this Friday completely. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and it's been a rough week. If you could keep that family in your thoughts/prayers/whatever you do, it'd be wonderful.

I'm going to use this spot to share this GoFundMe page that's been set up for their family. They have three teenage kids, and with their parents spending so much time in the hospital, a friend set up a page where people can donate money to help these kids with gas, meals, etc. They've essentially been on their own. If you're in a position where you can help this family in any way, please check out this page.

Sports, in so many ways, relieve tension and give opportunities of relief in hard personal times. This job has given me that, and I'm thankful to the community of Royals Review for that. Now go win a damn game.