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Royals Rumblings - News for June 8, 2015

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Tonight, draft Royals Review as your "best blog available."

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Royals Rumblings - News for June 8, 2015

The Royals treated the win on Sunday like a big one.

"Dude, we went crazy," outfielder Jarrod Dyson said. "Like, literally, went crazy. We were like little kids in a candy store, baby."

Perez waved to pump up the crowd after he crossed the plate. He completed an elaborate series of handshakes with Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer. The fans chanted his name.

The Royals are still slumping offensively, and pressing a bit.

Before Saturday's game, Yost talked about the need for Royals hitters to "see the ball." He does not mean literally looking at the baseball, but instead picking up spin and movement, location and velocity as the pitcher releases the ball.

The Royals' lesson in pitch recognition had fallen off the tracks. Sliders looked like fastballs. Balls in the dirt appeared headed for the strike zone. Swings started early and left hitters looking foolish, flailing at the opposite batter's box and scrambling to hold up swings. Hosmer said spin is easy to pick up when a hitter is locked in, able to hone in on the type and location. When a slump happens, they cheat. The Royals have been caught.

Ned Yost is about to become the winningest manager in Royals history.

"I've got great players that win baseball games," Yost said. "I've got great coaches that help me.

"Quite frankly, Dayton (Moore) could have fired me five times over the last five years. It's not really anything that I've done special, I don't really see."

Danny Duffy will begin his rehab assignment in Omaha on Tuesday.

Duffy could make two or three starts in the minors before the team deems him ready to return. Yost indicated the Royals could afford to take things slowly. "We’ll make sure he’s ready to come back," Yost said before Sunday’s game against the Rangers. "We’re not rushing him back. We want to make sure that he feels good, that his pitch count’s built up and that he’s throwing strikes."

The Royals will - surprise - take the "best player available" tonight with the 21st pick.

The two players the Royals have been connected to the most display the disparity of their desires. One is Cornelius Randolph, a 6-1, 190-pound left-handed-hitting infielder from the suburbs of Atlanta. The other prospect mentioned most often with the Royals is Phil Bickford, a 6-4 right-handed pitcher who the club considered drafting with the eighth pick in the 2013 draft. The Royals instead opted for third baseman Hunter Dozier. Toronto chose Bickford with the tenth pick, but Bickford turned down their offer.

Bickford however, has reportedly tested positive for marijuana days before the draft.

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ICYMI, in the Weekend Rumblings, Vahe Gregorian writes that Salvador Perez is underpaid, but he willingly signed because he felt it was a lot of money.

"I had nothing. That’s the problem, you know? Where I’m coming from, they’re talking about a million dollars. And I don’t (have anybody) in that moment to explain to me how it’s going to be or how high it could be. "I (didn’t) know what arbitration was. I (didn’t) know free agency. After I signed the deal, I heard from a lot of players: ‘Why are you doing that? You don’t know what kind of player you are.’"

Jeff Passan adds that Salvy wants to stay in Kansas City.

"I want to stay here," Perez told Yahoo Sports. "I want to spend my career here. That’s the team that gave me an opportunity when I was 16 years old. … "I don’t like to think about that [contract]. But in the back of my head, I start to think about it. Hopefully, they can do something different to me."

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