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Royals Rumblings - News for June 9, 2015

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Royals Review is all about upside.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for June 9, 2015

Matthew DeFranks of Fox Sports Kansas City writes the Royals will have a decision to make tomorrow on Erik Kratz and Drew Butera.

You have to be a situational guy," Yost said. "You got to be able to put a bunt down. You got to be able to move a runner from second with nobody out and hopefully hit a groundball if the infield is playing back or try to hit a flyball if the infield's playing in. That's what you look for offensively from a guy like Kratz or a guy like Butera."

Yost characterized Butera as the better defensive catcher but called Kratz more of an offensive threat. "They both fit in, now we just have to make a decision on who we're going with," Yost said.

John Viril at Kings of Kauffman thinks Jeremy Guthrie is just fine.

But that impression is deceptive. Guthrie has actually been very good in five of his last six starts for the KC Royals. It’s just that his 11-run debacle in his May 26 start against New York has inflated his ERA....

Aside from that 11-run deluge, Guthrie has given up seven runs since May 9. That works out to a 2.08 ERA over 30.1 innings pitched. Without that disaster in New York weighing him down, Guthrie has clearly righted the ship after a slow start to the 2015 season.

Paul Torlina of Pine Tar Press says that as we hit the midway point of the season, its time for Ned Yost to manage this team to victory.

As June begins with a bit of a cold snap, Yost is going to have to what he always does…….stay the course, be patient, continue to let his players play and never waiver in his confidence in them, build their confidence and keep it positive in the clubhouse, etc. Sound boring and unexciting? Losing 90 games a year is boring and unexciting. Having a potential 95 win team isn’t. Given the team’s history under Yost, fans should expect the team to heat up and once again flourish from June on. This is the first year the Royals have been several games above .500 at this point and within one game of the division lead in the first week of June. If recent history holds up, the Royals will finish roughly 25 games over .500. By now we have to concede that Yost’s managing style is a factor in this as he allows his players to play in the first couple months of the season so that when June arrives they are settled in and ready to make that 2nd half run.

Lee Judge had a conversation with Twins catcher Kurt Suzuki and look who stopped by to rewind himself.

At this point in the conversation Jason Kendall spotted us talking in Kauffman Stadium’s visiting dugout, walked over and told me to leave Kurt alone, he had work to do. And Kendall was the guy whosuggested I talk to Suzuki. Jason walked off, Suzuki started laughing and then started talking about Jason Kendall.

When they were both with the Oakland A’s Jason was the starting catcher and Kurt was the backup. Kurt didn’t want to invade Jason’s space, so Kurt followed him around and watched what he did. One of the things Suzuki noticed was Jason often started games by calling fastballs down and away—Kurt wanted to know why. "That’s how you get this guy locked in. If he gets extension on that fastball away his sinker becomes better, his slider becomes better, his changeup becomes better."

But what about the scouting report? "I throw all that out the window at the beginning of a game. Because if my guy can’t get comfortable and settle in, what’s the scouting report for? He’s gonna be (lousy) anyway."

The Royals are going to troll the Cardinals hard this weekend.

Royals minor leaguer Buddy Baumann loses a bet to Brett Eibner.

Sam Mellinger writes about the special connection between Kansas City and the first Major League draft in 1968.

Other teams are drafting baseball players, so here's your complete coverage of the draft.


Bo Jackson on the Yankees? Grant Brisbee looks at what might have happened had some draftees signed with the team that first drafted them.

Rob Neyer chimes in on whether baseball should make things safer for fans.

Baseball fans are not happy that the All-Star game is gonna be all Royals.

Will Zack Greinke opt-out of his contact this winter? WILL HE COME BACK TO KC?????

Scott Lindholm of Beyond the Boxscore takes a visual look at the game's best second baseman, but somehow omits Omar Infante, who by the way, is second in All-Star balloting.

Former Commissioner Bud Selig is going to write a book - what should the title be?

Barcelona is your Champions League winner, so what's next for them and Juventus?

The Lightning take a 2-1 series lead on the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Women's college basketball is moving to four 10-minute quarters instead of two 20-minute halves. Should the men's game follow suit?

The US Women's National Team defeats Australia 3-1 in its World Cup opener.

Why "default on your student loans" is terrible advice.

What states do hospitals charge patients the most?

Apple unveiled a bunch of new product ideas that they seem to have copied from others.

NWA are back to perform together for the first time in 26 years.

Your song of the day is Jackson Browne with "The Pretender."