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Draft Day 2 Open Thread

The picking continues!

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Last night the Royals selected Ashe Russell, Nolan Watson, and Josh Staumont with their first three picks of the draft. There will be analysis later on those picks and the entire draft as a whole once it's completed. Much like time, the draft continues on even if we don't fully understand what is happening.

Today teams will select their picks from round 3 to 10, and then tomorrow is the final day where the remaining picks will be selected.

Below is the Royals bonus pools for the remaining picks.

No. Round Slot value
X 1 2,184,200
X 1 1,825,200
X 2 964,600
98 3 581,300
129 4 431,100
159 5 322,700
189 6 241,700
219 7 181,200
249 8 168,000
279 9 157,000
309 10 149,700

The Royals selection of Nolan Watson may dictate their decision for the remaining picks. Watson is committed to Vanderbilt (an extremely strong pitcher school) and he'll likely need the entire slot if not more to sign.

You can find the best remaining players here

21 Donny Everett rhp Clarksville (Tenn.) HS Tenn. 4

23 Michael Matuella rhp Duke N.C. 1

34 Dakota Chalmers rhp North Forsyth HS, Cumming, Ga. Ga. 4

35 Jalen Miller ss Riverwood International Charter, Sandy Springs, Ga. Ga. 5

37 Jacob Nix rhp IMG Academy, Bradenton, Fla. Fla. 6

39 Justin Hooper lhp De La Salle HS, Concord, Calif. Calif. 7

I wouldn't expect the Royals to be on any of these guys, especially those prep players such as Everett, Nix, and Hooper.