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Friday OT thread: Changes

Take you back.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Let's kick it old school this weekend.

1. Sitting in Los Angeles with neither housing nor employment, watching helplessly as nothing tethers my wife and I to the earth as it spins wildly on its axis, I am left to wonder if this isn't the dumbest thing I've done. What is the dumbest life decision you've ever made?

2. When looking for housing, what is it that you want most from a domicile?

3. We went to the UCB on Franklin last night, and Joe Mande regaled the audience with a camp tale in which his 10-year-old self was struck unexpectedly by a case of IBS. What is the most embarrassing moment from your childhood?

4. I've been watching a lot of Frasier recently, surely as a result of Jason Frasor being designated for assignment. It seems like Frasier is discounted by a lot of people who never gave the show a chance and thus never figured out what the show was actually doing. What show/book/movie do you wish people would revisit in an attempt to better understand what it was actually concerning?

5. I have never spent enough time getting into David Bowie. I'm sure I would like him but haven't ever had the time. What thing are you pretty certain you would like but just haven't had the time to commit to enveloping yourself in it?

Boner #1: Age of Ultron or ultra-violence?

Boner #2: 1920s or 1990s?