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Royals V. White Sox: Game LXXXVIII Thread

It feels like something bad is going to happen...but to who and whom? The portends are unclear.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday afternoon baseball. Great. Three day games in three days, in mid-July. Grand. Another opposing left-handed starting pitcher. Wonderful.

I do kind of enjoy the Saturday afternoon games, particularly on the road. Get it out of the way and then go have fun with the evening. I will be at a music show watching a pair of friends. You should do something fun with your evening as well. Because for some reason, it seems like something bad is going to happen.

Call me paranoid. Call me crazy. It's whatever. For some reason, it feels like something ill is just on the other side of the horizon.

Danny Duffy gnars for the Royals. He's been...better? Sure, we'll go with that. The 2.84 ERA in his last three starts is certainly nice. The eight walks and seven strikeouts in nineteen innings is less so.

The White Sox counter with Jose Quintana, whose continuing odyssey to be the most underrated pitcher in Major League Baseball is now in Year Three. Since 2013, he is 12th in fWAR, ahead of Madison Bumgarner, Anibal Sanchez, Lance Lynn, and Jeff Samardzija.

So quickly he came. So quickly he was gone.