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Royals vs Pirates, Game 93 GameThread

The final game of the series against the NL-contending Pirates.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Yordano Ventura likely didn't even make it to the rest stop around mile marker 82 on I-29 in northern Missouri before needing to turn around. I've always used that rest stop as my rough "halfway to Omaha" point. There was a vending machine with pop tarts, so of course I would stop there. As you drive through some hills, the road opens up and descends as you head toward that rest stop. During the non-winter months, it's a lovely, clear view of open land. On my most recent trip to Omaha, I found out that they took that rest stop away from me. Now, there's nothing but Desolace marking the halfway point between two midwestern gems. No place for pop tarts.

Things are not lovely and clear in the Royals rotation. They must go on. Edinson Volquez takes the hill vs. Charlie Morton, another Pirates ground ball specialist (a ridiculous 60.2 percent grounder rate).