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Royals V. Astros: Game XCVI Thread

Welcome to Gnar Country.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I seem to get an usually high number of Danny Duffy starts. I wonder if that's me? Or him? Or the nature of Saturdays?

Although last week I was under the impression that Duffy was starting (Thanks, ESPN schedule projection), when it was, in fact, Jeremy Guthrie.

Not that I'm complaining. Pretty sure I've avoided writing about Jeremy Guthrie the rest of the season (and didn't even mention him in last Saturday's recap), and if I have it was certainly not during one of his more consistently regrettable affairs.

One of these years, I'm going to talk to Max about putting us on a GameThread rotation, where one writer on staff sticks with one pitcher and has to write the recaps for all of his starts. Though I'd probably end up writing for Guthrie or his equivalent. Maybe this was a bad idea.

Anyways, hi. It's Saturday. This is your game thread.Danny Duffy (4-4, 4.24/4.41/4.64) tilts against Scott Feldman (Feldman really? Is he still a thing? Huh.), who is 4-5 with a 4.93/4.39/3.73.