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Royals Review meetup Friday for Cueto Watch

Let's get together to watch Johnny lead us to championship baseball and wish bon voyage to one of our writers.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If you haven't heard by now, the Royals have acquired pitcher Johnny Cueto for the Reds. The dreadlocked-one will make his Royals debut on Friday in Toronto, so we thought we'd have a Cueto Watch Party to welcome him into the Royals family.

We also wanted to mark the occasion to say "bon voyage" to one of our writers, Joshua Ward. He's not leaving Royals Review, thank heavens, but he will be leaving the Kansas City area to begin graduate school in Georgia this fall. Why he would want to leave before ALWAYS OCTOBER is a good guess, but I guess his "professional career" is more important than his fandom. Typical Royals bandwagoner!

Anyway, stop by and wish him well. Meet at Kelly's in Westport around 6 p.m. for the Royals/Blue Jays game and look for the critical spirits. Tell Josh he's silly for leaving Kansas City. Watch the Royals embarrass the Blue Jays and their complete lack of pitching. It will be just after the trade deadline, so discuss the newest Royals blockbuster deal (Yasiel Puig for Omar Infante?) Oh yea, and they have beer. Lots of it.